Matthias Küntzel

Bonn & The Bomb

German Politics and the Nuclear Option

Buch: Bonn and the Bomb

Pluto Press, London 1995.

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Foreword: Shaun Burnie, Greenpeace International

1 Adenauer and the Bomb
The Involuntary Renunciation
The “Civil-itary” Atomic Programme
The Bonn-Paris Axis
Equipping the Bundeswehr with Nuclear Arms
The Superpowers and Non-Proliferation

2 Germany’s Battle against the NPT
1961/2: The Berlin Crisis and the NPT
1963/4: The Test Ban Treaty and the MLF
1965/6: The Quarrel in NATO over the NPT Draft
A New Look at the Nuclear Option

3 Political Parties and the Nuclear Option
Atomic Energy for Military Purposes
Nuclear Policies
The Grand Coalition’s Conditions for an NPT
The Diplomatic Offensive

4 The NPT on the Bargaining Table
Campaign in Bonn
The German-American Negotiations Marathon
The History of the Safeguards Article
Bonn Faced with a Difficult Decision

5 The Euratom Controvery
The Euro-Bomb and Euratom
The Safeguards Marathon
Ratification of the NPT and the European Option

6 Loopholes within Loopholes
Nuclear Participation
Support for the Atomic Powers
The Right to Withdraw
Minimising the Controls
In Support of Atomic Energy

7 Germany and the Bomb – What Next?
Nuclear Ambitions versus Renunciation
The Drive for Prestige
A United Germany and the Nuclear Option
Maintaining the Nuclear Weapons Option?

Sources and Bibliography
Persons interviewed
Documents of the Auswärtiges Amt
Documents of the “Nuclear History Programme”
Documents of the National Security Council Archives
Periodicals, Personal Papers and Archives