Matthias Küntzel

Germany and Iran

From the Aryan Axis to the Nuclear Threshold

Translated by Colin Meade
Telos Press Publishing, New York 2014, 300 pages,
ISBN 978-0-914386-00-1 (hardcover)
ISBN 978-0-914386-50-6 (eBook)

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Table of contents


PART I — Imperial Germany, the Nazis, and Iran

Chapter 1: The Persian Corridor
Chapter 2: Persia, the Kaiser and Jihad
Chapter 3: Germany as the Founder of Persian Industry
Chapter 4: The Aryan Myth and the Twelfth Imam
Chapter 5: Eichmann and the Iranian Jews
Chapter 6: Germany and Iran in the Second World War

PART II — West Germany and the Shah

Chapter 7: No 8 May in Tehran
Chapter 8: West Germany and Mohammed Reza

PART III — Theory and Practice of the Khomeinist Revolution

Chapter 9: The Origins of Iranian Islamism
Chapter 10: Khomeini
Chapter 11: Holy War
Chapter 12: Children of the Minefields

PART IV — Germany and the Mullahs

Chapter 13: The Beautiful Sadegh
Chapter 14: Genscher in Tehran
Chapter 15: From Salman Rushdie to Ayaan Hirst Ali
Chapter 16: Mykonos – the Moment of Truth
Chapter 17: The German-American Rift
Chapter 18: Khatami and the Berlin Conference
Chapter 19: Ahmadinejad: “We Love the Germans”
Chapter 20: Chancellor Merkel: “Historical Responsibility”

PART V — Berlin and the Iranian Nuclear Question

Chapter 21: The Iranian Bomb: A Dream and a Nightmare
Chapter 22: The “Protective Shield’
Chapter 23: Sanctions: “The West is Divided”
Chapter 24: In the Whirlwinds of History

Epilogue: End of Illusion?
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